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Special Edition - October 13, 2005

Disclaimer: The following editorial is the opinion of Dr. John Gilbert and does not reflect the opinion of the Tarot Institute. This editorial is copyrighted by John F. Gilbert, Ph.D., D.D. and may be copied or shared in part or in its entirety.


It's recently come to my attention three tarot readers have been charged with practicing medicine or psychology without a license. I want to outline these cases for you:

Case 1 - Client told the tarot reader she was having some difficulty with her blood pressure. The tarot reader suggested some herbal remedies known to her. The client arrested the reader for practicing medicine without a license. The client was an undercover police person.

Case 2 - The Tarot reader picked up intuitively that her client was not losing weight because of some emotional issues surrounding her former abusive husband. The client agreed and asked for help. The reader shared her approach to handling emotional problems. A couple of months later the Tarot reader was arrested for practicing psychology without a license. Her client ended up in a mental ward and told everybody about her wonderful Tarot reader. The doctors were not impressed.

Case 3 - The client asked about what she could do to overcome her depression. The cards gave some suggestions the client followed. At her next appointment to check her medications, the client shared this information with her doctor. He wasn't impressed either and pressed charges against the reader for practicing medicine without a license.

I admit, I do not have the other side of the story. These readers may have stepped over the line of professional ethics. But they all seem pretty convinced they are victims of a pharmaceutical-dominated society. That may be true, but it may not keep them out of jail. They're also very convinced they helped their clients. That too may be very true, but it may not keep them out of jail either.

If you develop your intuition, you're going to pick up information regarding your client's spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and physical health. When you do, you need to make a decision to share this or not.

I'm not comfortable withholding that kind of information from my clients. So in 1968 I became ordained as a priest. A few years later I became licensed as a spiritual healer. It was a smart move on my part and I'm glad spirit led me in that direction. Actually, I'm most happy that I listened to Spirit in the first place.

It seems to me, tarot readers willing to discuss health and psychological issues with their clients have two choices:

Choice 1) Stop discussing health and emotional issues with clients.

Choice 2) Become licensed as a spiritual healer.

Oh, by the way, one of the tarot readers in question is a Universal Life Minister and another is a Wicca Priestess. In the eyes of the courts, this makes them ministers and ministers have the authority to minister. But ministers do not have a license to heal.

Who does?

Licensed Spiritual Healers.

To my knowledge, there are seven churches recognized with the ability and authority to license spiritual healers. One does everything in Arabic and another in Hebrew. Both of those churches are in the Middle East. That leaves five that are generally available in the West. You can find links to those five churches and their licensed spiritual healer programs at:

In the meantime, please be very careful. The drug companies are rumored to be offering rewards to employees and retired employees in the medical field who report people that may be practicing medicine or psychology without a license. If your client testifies against you, you're guilty. Unless...

Unless you have a license in medicine, psychology or as a spiritual healer.

My suggestion to you is to protect yourself.

Namaste, John

UPDATE: December 10, 2006

The second case is still pending. The first and third cases have been settled out of court. Both defendants maintain their innocence, but to avoid prosecution and a possible fine or incarceration they pled no contest. They were found guilty and given a suspended jail sentence and suspended fine. Under the terms of this settlement they agreed not to discuss medical concerns with their clients. If they do, they will automatically to to jail and must pay their suspended fine. On the upside, they both know they would have lost their cases and their sentences would not have been suspended had they gone to trial instead of settling their case by pleading no contest.

In case number 3, the medical doctor did not file the charges himself. The doctor or somebody else gave a report to the state medical association. The state medical association filed the charges, instigated the arrest of the tarot reader and sat in judgment on the case. The name of her accuser was not disclosed because the medical licensing board allows professionals who make such charges to do so anonymously. It doesn't sound like this should be legal in America, but it is.

Both attorneys agree that if their clients had been licensed spiritual healers when they were arrested, these cases would have been dismissed. The bottom line? If you're going to make medical suggestions or give medical advice of any kind, you may want to consider becoming licensed as a spiritual healer.

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